This is a tribute to one of the most legendary skaters of all time: Jay Adams. The original picture is actually an low quality picture from a collage that Jay Adams stepfather took of Jay in his early years as a pro skater, I found it in a very low resolution on google so I illustrated it and then took alot of inspiration from the Shepard Fairey illustration (only inspired as you can see). So I will say that this picture is actually a collage of pictures and illustrations since I cant take any full rights on the idea for the illustration. I think Im going to make a true to size skateboard (Only for me of course) with this print too.

TA, 1975 North shore

(via 500px / The hidden beach 2 by Terje Nilssen)

Some people might feel sorry for themselves in this situation
Puppy don’t care
Puppy’s got stuff to do
Puppy’s got places to be
Puppy’s got people to bark at and things to sniff.


God bless her❤️

why is this 10 year old prettier than me 😭😩